At Eminent Academic Projects, we help you in the ideation or conceptualization of project ideas and their successful implementation or actuation using widely-used technologies and latest platforms.

Projects for Education & Learning

We specialize in the development of academic projects for educational streams, M.Tech, B.Tech, providing comprehensive guidance and support.

In Computer Science, we develop projects on different, latest domains including IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Data Security, NLP providing total technical support.

For Mechanical branch, we implement ideas on various advanced areas such as Pneumatics, Material Handling, Alternate Energy Generation, and the like.

M.Tech/B.Tech Final Year Projects

Under Electronics, we offer projects for branches including ECE, EEE, EIE, ENE in latest areas involving PLC, Microprocessor Systems, Internet of Things, Embedded Systems & more.

Robotics, Robotic systems and their application is what we primarily develop under Mechatronics (i.e. combining Mechanics and Electronics)

M.Tech, B.Tech Final Year Project Areas, Domains

Latest Domains, Advanced Ideas

We realize the significance and true meaning of "advanced" over outdated and obsolete. And therefore it is always our continuous endeavour to work on state-of-the-art ideas belonging to the newest domains using latest platforms.


Our technological exposure is into varied high-end, latest platforms including Java/J2EEGCP, .NET, iOS, Android, PHP, PythonRaspberry Pi and more.. that we apply for developing amazing user applications.


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