Internet of Things (IoT)

Specimen ideas listed below are implemented in the domain of IoT where different levels of hardware including Sensors, Actuators, etc. collect data in real time from varied sources such as Environment, Humans, etc. and transmit it to other technologies/platforms/protocols for further usage, processing, or analytics in a multi-staged fashion. These ideas can work (wired/wireless) as a table-top prototype or as a geographically-independent application as well.

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  • IoT: Liquid level monitoring system using HTTP
  • IoT: Garbage monitoring system 
  • IoT based Home/Office/Industrial Automation 
  • Patient pulse monitoring 
  • Patient temperature monitoring 
  • Patient blood pressure monitoring 
  • Internet connected food monitoring 
  • Transformer health monitoring system 
  • Display of underground cable fault distance over internet 
  • Energy meter reading over HTTP