Electrical, Electronics, Communications Projects

We specialize in the customized development of high-quality, error-free final year projects for electrical, electronics and communications branch.

All projects come along with complete source code and abstract/synopsis based on the latest concepts with comprehensive guidance and explanation.

Project Areas/Domains (ECE, EEE, EIE, ENE)

Android Embedded ECE Projects

Android (Embedded)

Best, innovative project ideas using Android platform in combination with embedded technologies involving microcontrollers, sensors, actuators, etc. and much more.

AVR based projects


Project ideas belonging to AVR domain involving use of different microcontrollers with error-less implementation and comprehensive explanation + technical support.

GSM ECE Projects


Implementation of projects-ideas involving Global Systems for Mobile Communications (GSM) wireless technology such as Calls, SMS message notifications, and more.

Microcontroller based ECE projects


Actuation of several advanced, top, best-in-class projects and ideas using varied microcontrollers like, ATmel, ATmega, PIC, and more, with total support and guidance.

Raspberry Pi projects

Raspberry Pi

Useful ideas belonging to the usage of Raspberry Pi hardware chipset in single as well as multi-layered application development with the combination of 1 or more technologies.

IOT based ECE projects

Internet of Things (IoT)

Innovative, real-world, top-rated ideas implementing the fundamental of "Inter-networking of Things" using web with the help of technologies and platforms working at multiple levels and hardware including various sensor(s), actuator(s), etc.

Solar based projects

Solar Energy

Actuating best final year projects, ideas powered using solar energy such as Solar-enabled water pump, Solar-powered vehicles, etc. working in collusion with several other technologies and platforms like Microcontrollers, Sensors, etc.

ECE minor projects


This section contains basic, minor-level projects, ideas suitable for engineering students belonging to the ECE stream with complete explanation along with their implementation.

Electrical-energy based projects


Implementation of wired and/or wireless projects, ideas involving the usage and implementation of Electrical Energy that could further be demonstrated as getting generated from different, alternate sources such as Wind, Water, Sun, etc.

Projects based on Power Systems

Power Systems

Simulation of projects, ideas in the domain of Power Systems using advanced technologies providing full guidance & support.

Microprocessor-based Projects


Actuation of high-end projects involving Microprocessors.

PLC based Projects


Implementation of advanced projects using Programmable Logic & Control (PLC) systems


Error-free Projects

All the projects that we deliver are fully tested for identification and rectification of any resident bugs ensuring high-quality, error-free project implementation in 100% accordance to its agreed and documented requirement specifications.

Ideas in Plethora

We have abundant project ideas on multiple domains which are latest, advanced and can be applied to solve real-world problems.

Latest Technologies

Tools/IDE & technologies that we deploy during the development life-cycle of any project starting from its analysis to final deployment are the most recent.

Online Project Delivery

We ensure that travelling distance, time or cost do not pose hindrance to the delivery of your project. Therefore we make every effort to successfully deliver the project on your systems remotely through technology under required situations.

Electronic Payment Facility

Electronic booking and payment for any project is highly encouraged. We accept almost all modes of e-payments.

100% Support

Comprehensive clarification of all your doubts pertaining to the project is being provided till the last second of its final submission date for a thorough understanding of all its functional and technical aspects.

Clear Practices

What we do is what we document and what we document is what we deliver. Besides verbal communications, we clearly put all the details relevant to your project on paper in order to bring 100% transparency and remove any ambiguity in its development till final delivery.

Adherence to Deadlines

Time is invaluable when it comes to the delivery of your final year project. And it's not just the successful development of a project that we count in the deadline but also your full-fledged understand of it, which remains our foremost objective.

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