Computer Science-Information Technology
(Projects, Ideas, Platforms, Technologies)

We develop and provide projects as per overall requirements. All CS, IT projects for the final year that we deliver, come with fundamentally-correct implementation along with complete source code and techno-functional support.

CS-IT Projects

A specimen list of ideas in various domains of Computer Science & Information Technology

• Android based GPS navigation using cloud

• Android based implementation of the device security

• Secured access of custom-made apps. using facial recognition

• Android based secured IP communication through voice/video

• Implementation of dictionary with translation through NLP

• Controlling a media player wirelessly using Android

• Android based holiday planner using GPS and internet

• Implementation of cryptography using Android & AR

• Controlling electrical appliances through Android using NLP

• Determining light presence using sensors interfaced via Android

• Controlling an LCD wirelessly using Android

• Android based robot

• Detecting a motion wirelessly using sensors and Android smartphone

• Room temperature monitoring involving Android, Sensors, Cloud Computing

• Android controlled drone

• Android based GPS-enabled advertisement

• Android based barcode and QR code identification

• Android based chat powered using cloud computing

Please Note: All the aforesaid project ideas/titles can be custom-developed as per your requirements and overall feasibility analysis.

Technologies we apply

Platforms/Front-end/Scripting: Java, Android, ASP.NET, Python, C/C++/Visual C++, Embedded C, HTML/CSS, OpenCV, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, C#, React, Node.js, Angular, JQuery, Bootstrap..

Back-end/Database: MongoDB, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access..

Cloud: Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, Parse, iCloud..

Web Servers: Apache, IIS, Xampp, WampServer, GlassFish..

IDE: Android Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans..

Hardware Modules: Arduino, Raspberry Pi..

Microcontrollers: Atmel, ATMega, Pic..

Sensors: Different kinds of sensors including Temperature, Ultrasonic, IR, and more..


Online Project Delivery

We make every possible effort to successfully deliver the project on your system(s) remotely or online, in order to save your travelling distance, time and cost.

Electronic Payment Facility

Electronic modes of payment for your project are highly encouraged. We accept payments through almost all the digital modes.

100% Support

We provide you comprehensive clarification of your doubts related to the project till its final submission.

Clear Approach

Based on our verbal discussions, we clearly document the details related to your project and send them to you for your consent before starting the project’s implementation, in order to bring overall transparency and remove any confusions till its final delivery.

Adherence to Deadlines

Time is important when it comes to delivering your final year project. We make certain that your project is timely developed by its final completion timeline that is agreed.

Conceptually-correct Ideas & Proper Implementation

We try to propose project ideas that are fundamentally-correct and belonging to the latest domains. We also ensure that the implementation of your (finalized) project does not contain any errors and is in accordance with its documented requirement specifications that we agreed upon.