Solar Energy

Harnessing solar energy to build solar-powered applications that could also successfully interface with other technologies and platforms

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  • Solar highway lighting system with intensity control
  • Solar water pump control with four different time slots for power saving application
  • Farmer-friendly solar based electric fence for deterring cattle(s)
  • Implementation of solar inverter for home, garden, street light applications
  • Charge and load protection in solar power management
  • Measuring solar photo-voltaic power
  • Time programmed sun tracking solar panel
  • Raspberry pi based solar street light
  • ARM based solar street light
  • Arduino based solar street light
  • Solar power charge controller
  • Solar powered led street light with auto intensity control
  • Sun tracking solar panel
  • Solar energy measurement system
  • Solar powered auto irrigation system
  • Solar energy meter
  • Solar energy based water purification system