Electrical Energy (EEE)

Projects based on the utilization of Electrical Energy in combination with other technologies and protocols

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  • IGBT based inverter
  • Automatic emergency tubelight
  • Electric digital fan regulator
  • Electronic thermostat/temperature controller
  • Automatic temperature controlled hot air blower
  • Automatic electrical unmanned railway crossing controller
  • Electronic motor starter cum controller
  • Sound operated device controller
  • Clap operated fan speed control
  • Electronic switch starter
  • Automatic room light controller cum energy saver
  • Overhead water tank level indicator cum controller
  • Auto temperature controller for fan
  • Digital phase selector cum automatic phase changer
  • Regulated supply with battery backup
  • Digital power factor controller cum rectifier
  • Medium power MOSFET inverter
  • Temperature controlled fan trigger
  • Temperature controlled ventilators
  • AC power plant control using temperature sensor with RF link
  • Tripping sequence recorder cum indicator
  • Opto-thermo switch
  • Switch mode power supply (SMPS)
  • PWM based DC motor drive

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