Android Projects

ANDROID SUBURBAN RAILWAY TICKETING WITH GPS AS TICKET CHECKER: Suburban railways often provide an easy way to commute between city and suburbs. But the major problem is the ticketing system which consumes a lot of time. An Android application for suburban railway ticketing system is developed. It uses the in-built GPS of the phone as the validation for ticket checkers. The system can be applied to any kind of transport system.

ANDROID APPLICATION FOR DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENT: The most common method for booking a doctor’s appointment is via phone call. An Android application is developed which eases the process of booking a doctor’s appointment. Patient can book using his/her mobile phone and both the patient and the doctor are informed about the appointment. In case of canceling of the appointment by the doctor, the patient is intimated by a text.

PATIENT MONITORING SYSTEM USING ANDROID TECHNOLOGY: The aim of this project is to implement a patient monitoring system using Android technology. Vital parameters like ECG, heart rate, pulse rate and temperature are monitored by a monitoring system. The data is transferred to a server and an application on the Android based smart phone of the doctor can be used to view the important information.

DISASTER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ON MOBILE PHONES USING GOOGLE MAP: Based on the geographical locations and the environment, any country is often threatened by different kinds of natural disasters. A disaster management system is proposed in this article using Google Maps. An Android application is developed which helps in easy evacuation, especially for tourists. GPS is used to find the shortest path for a safe zone and the user can retrieve the information on the application.

QR CODE BASED INFORMATION ACCESS SYSTEM FOR SMART PHONES: Location awareness has seen a huge growth with the emergence of wireless networks. A QR – code based information access system for Android based smart phones is proposed in this article. It is called Forthroid which is a location based information retrieval system. A prototype is implemented on the Android platform and the performance is evaluated.

ANDROID CONTROLLED SPY ROBOT: Android phones have the potential to be low cost robot controllers. Huge number of features that are built in Android phones makes it even simple to implement such applications. In this project, a spy robot is developed that is controlled by an Android based device. The robot is controlled by human gestures which are recognized by the Android application and the information is passed to the microcontroller which triggers the movements of the robot.

AUTONOMOUS ANDROID CONTROLLED ROBOT DESIGN USING WIRELESS ENERGY: Robots in industries can increase the production and also the quality of the product. An industrial-grade pick-and-place robot is developed that is operated using Android. A PIC microcontroller is used for the main control part and the robot uses object detection application for the operation. A speech recognition system is integrated to the microcontroller. The camera of the Android device will capture the image of the object to be captured.

SMART PHONE BASED ROBOTIC CONTROL FOR SURVEILLANCE APPLICATIONS: Robots over the years have emerged with the advancements in the technology. The concepts of automation and robotics play a crucial role in manufacturing as well as consumer entertainment. In this project, a smart phone controlled robot is created for surveillance applications. The robot has an integrated camera which can wirelessly transmit video. The commands to control the robot are given using an Android device.

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