Frequently Asked Queries

We specialize in the implementation and guidance of the final year (M.Tech, B.Tech) academic projects for:

• Computer Science, Information Technology (CS, IT), MCA, BCA, Ph.D

• Electronics, Communication, Electrical, Instrumentation, Network (ECE, EEE, EIE, ENE)

• Mechanical, Robotics

Based on our approach, we suggest you below 2 options for the finalization of your project:

Option – 1: We custom-develop the project that is fully approved from your college, university, as per its requirements that you provide us. After checking the feasibility, we provide you the estimated/exact time and price along with any other necessary details for its implementation. As required, we discuss the project's functionality or workflow with you including its modules, assumptions, etc.

Option – 2: In case you are looking for project ideas, we suggest topics related to your domain/area of preference (if any) and/or within your set/expected budget only. We describe the proposed functionality and if needed, write and provide you plagiarirm-free synopsis of the idea(s) so that you can get them fully approved by your college, university. If you ask us to make a synopsis for you, it is a chargeable service. And after you have obtained full, 100% approval, we implement the idea.

Note: Your clarity about the project that you want to make is required to some extent. We advise that you take a viewpoint and approval from your college, university before proceeding. We can only recommend you project idea(s); its selection and finalization will 100% be your responsibility.

Our deliverables for every project include:

• Error-free and fundamentally-correct implementation of your project as per its agreed requirements
• Proper setup (installation/configuration) and running of the project on your device(s)
• Complete source code handover
• Writing plagiarism-free project documentation, report, thesis, research paper as per its format & guidelines
• Clarification of your doubts, queries related to the project till its final submission
• Publication of your research paper(s) in the journals
• Online project delivery
• Progress-updates and on-schedule project delivery

You may also select the deliverables that you need as per your requirement.

We calculate the final price for any project based on:

1) Its size, complexity and the overall functionality
2) Hardware component(s) involved in it (if any)
3) Cloud-based service(s) involved (if any)
4) Shipment/courier charges involved (if any)
5) Our resultant effort for its development and/or maintenance
6) Associated support services included in it

Therefore, the price of every project varies according to the above factors.

Yes, we can deliver your project online. If you cannot meet us in person for collecting your project, we will deliver it online along with its explanation. Hardware/software component(s) (if any) shall be sent to you via courier.

We accept payments through almost all the modes.

Yes, we implement IEEE research papers. Students are advised to provide us the complete research paper(s) for our initial feasibility-check. We also recommend you to read and get essential understanding of the research paper(s) that you want us to implement.

We check the feasibility of a project based on the number and complexity of its modules/functionality, your final submission timeline and our overall effort-assessment. We understand that not only the project should be delivered on schedule but you must also have the necessary understanding of it.

Therefore, we clearly discuss & finalize all the project requirements with you and fix its completion time. We encourage students to stay in regular contact with us to track the progress of their project in order to ensure its timely completion.

We test every project to make sure that it is free from any errors and in accordance with its documented requirement specifications that we agreed upon.

During the project’s explanation, we tell you about the technical and functional aspects involved in it. For a better understanding, we expect you to study the resources and content that we advise or share with you.

We neither provide nor arrange any certificate, letter of any sort, whatsoever, regarding your academic project.

You will get your final working project as per its completion timeline that we agree upon.

9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Monday to Sunday)

It entirely depends on you. You may contact us to get your project-related doubts clarified. We will provide you necessary guidance and answer your queries till the final submission of your project.

Yes, we provide this service as per your requirements. We write plagiarism-free project documentation, report, thesis, research paper according to its format & guidelines.

Yes we provide the service of publishing your research paper(s) in the journals.

In case any of your query is left unanswered or you need additional clarification, please send us an email at: