Frequently Asked Queries

We specialize in the customized development and guidance of final year academic projects for educational streams, M.Tech, B.Tech, MCA, BCA with branches including,

Computer Science Engineering (CSE)
Information Technology (IT)
Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)
Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Instrumentation, Network Engineering (EEE, EIE, ENE)
Mechanical Engineering (ME)

While suggesting projects or ideas, we offer you below options as our approach towards your project finalization:

Option 1: We can custom-develop any project from scratch as per its requirements that you provide us. For that, we first evaluate its technical feasibility and confirm you our exact or estimated time and cost that we require for its successful completion and delivery, in order to proceed. During this process, we may also schedule face-to-face meeting(s) at your convenience for conducting technical discussion(s).

Option 2: If your project is already final (i.e. you cannot change it), then we may also suggest you some idea(s) which are either already available with us or ongoing in the developmental or maintenance phase. You may relevantly choose from those idea(s) that are matching nearest to the workflow of your proposed idea.

Option 3: In case you are open to choose any project idea (i.e. it is not fixed and final) then we can suggest you multiple, advanced ideas belonging to different domains according to your budget from which you may select and finalize. For your ease in decision-making, we will first explain you its proposed functionality thoroughly (either on Mail, Phone or Face-to-Face, as required) and then provide you its abstract/synopsis (if needed) so that you may get it approved after obtaining and presenting its clear understanding & know-how to your faculty.

Option 4: If your project title/idea is fixed and finalized and we give you a price for its customized or scratch development + delivery that exceeds your expected budget, then we can try and modify that idea in order to make it simpler/smaller (uncompromising its fundamental-correctness) by removing some of its features, taking some relevant assumptions, criteria, using some automation tools, etc.

In case you exercise either of the above options, we opine that you must take a compulsive viewpoint, consent and approval from your Guide, Mentor, Teacher, Supervisor, HOD or Dean of your college (as necessary) before proceeding. The selection and finalization of a project idea (that we suggest) is 100% student's responsibility, based on their informed decision.

We offer and recommend project idea(s) as per our competency and your expected requirements and while following our approach, we focus to restrict ourselves within your set budget only.

Our deliverables along with every project include:

High-quality, Conceptually-correct​, Error-free project implementation in 100% accordance to its agreed requirements (S​R​S)

Module-wise delivery or progress-update of the project according to its logical & functional architecture/framework

Complete source code handover

Proper Installation, Configuration and Demonstration of the project on your Laptop and/or Smartphone (Face-to-Face, Remotely or Online)

Report & Documentation content (that you may structure according to the format given by your college/university)

Comprehensive clarification of all your doubts (Face-to-Face, Call, Email) pertaining to the project till the last second of its final submission (project-viva) date

Assistance regarding publication of research paper(s) in "Paid" international journals – (if required and as applicable)

We calculate the final price for any project based on:

1) The size and complexity of its individual modules and overall functionality
2) Hardware component(s) involved in it (if any)
3) Type of cloud-based services involved (if any)
4) Shipment/Logistics costs involved (if any)
5) Our resultant effort for its development and/or maintenance
6) The associated technical support services included in it

Therefore, the price of every project (CSE/IT, ECE, EEE, EIE, ENE, Mechanical) varies according to the above factors.

However, the minimum price in which we had sold a very basic, simple project (till date) is INR 200/-.

Yes, we can deliver your project online. But honestly, we discourage that because in order to understand your project in-depth, face-to-face communications should not be compromised.

Nevertheless, if the situation really demands that you cannot meet us in-person anyhow, we will deliver your project and the technical guidance services electronically and send you its hardware components or kits (if any) via courier.

We accept all modes of payments, though electronic payments are preferred anytime.

Yes, we specialize in the development or implementation of IEEE research paper. Since we do not possess IEEE account login credentials (which is needed to download a full IEEE research paper) students are advised to provide us the complete IEEE research paper(s) that are neessary for reference and need to be implemented (for our preliminary technical feasibility analysis).

At the same time, we strongly recommend students to attain a thorough understanding about the research paper (that they provide us) so that its corresponding implementation could be correctly verified and understood in accordance to its technical algorithm/aspects as mentioned in the research paper.

At Eminent Academic Projects, we consciously ensure that the feasibility analysis of any project is done accurately taking the number and complexity of its modules/functionality into consideration along with your available submission time/deadline and our effort-assessment.

We understand that Final Year Project is a very crucial and sensitive phase in an academic curriculum. A lot depends on it. Therefore, not only it has to be delivered on-time but you must have a clear and thorough understanding of it.

Therefore, during our feasibility evaluation, we discuss & finalize all the project requirements and set achievable milestones for its delivery.

We encourage students to stay in regular contact with us in order to timely track the completion progress of their project and meet us periodically to see the working progress updates or milestones in order to ensure its completion within the set deadline only.

We thoroughly test every project in its entirety including its individual modules to ensure 100%, bug-free conformity with its agreed requirements specification.

Students are also advised to run and test their projects thoroughly and intimate us in case they come across any bug, error or deviation in its execution so that we can timely rectify same.

Project explanation is one of our key services on which we emphasize the most.

There is nothing unethical in obtaining project-guidance from external sources so far you're making conscious efforts in order to learn about the technology, its real-world application(s) and how to apply it, through your project.

We firmly believe that delivering a project becomes virtually of no-use if a student does not know anything about it, if he/she cannot explain or present it convincingly to his/her evaluators.

Therefore, we strongly advise and encourage students to throroughly study & learn about the technical and functional aspects involved in their project (that we advise) and keep clarifying all their doubts or queries from us time-to-time that they come across during the learning process.

We are always glad to assist students in answering their questions related to the project, that arise upto the last second of their final project submission.

No, we do not provide any sort of certificate (whatsoever) along with the project.

You will get your completed project as per the agreed schedule/deadline and in whichever way you want (Online or Face-to-face, though we recommend that you collect it in-person).

We further encourage you to stay in persistent contact and also meet us to see its working progress-updates in order to be assured of its timely completion and delivery.

9:00 AM till 9:00 PM (Monday to Saturday)

Well, that entirely depends on you.

We place no limits on the number of queries that you can ask us or which we will answer.

You are welcome to contact us as many number of times as you wish to get your project-related doubts clarified.

We will provide you all the relevant, necessary guidance, technical resources, support related to your project and we will continue answering all your questions till the last second of your final project submission.

Yes, of course! That is what we strive for.

Give us an opportunity and experience it!