Android Projects

COOPERATIVE DEFENSE AGAINST POLLUTION ATTACKS IN NETWORK CODING: The proposed system provides a cooperative defense against pollution attacks in network coding. It provides both in-network detection and also the exact location of the attacker. It is also collusion and tag-pollution resistant.

ANDROID BASED EMERGENCY ALARM AND HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: The aim of this project is to implement an Android based healthcare management system and emergency alarm. The system uses the GSM and GPS technologies that are built in any Android based phone. When the user is in trouble, the system sends a notification along with the current location to the emergency contacts. Necessary rescue operations can then be performed.

BIOMETRIC MECHANISM FOR ENHANCED SECURITY OF ONLINE TRANSACTION ON ANDROID SYSTEM: Most of today’s banking applications are on hand held devices like smart phones. Security is a concern for all mobile users when it comes to e banking on mobiles. A biometric mechanism is proposed for enhanced security of online transactions on Android based devices. A real time finger print scan is performed during the transactions. It is more secure and thus cannot be stolen as it is not stored in any database.

A SMARTPHONE INDOOR POSITIONING METHOD: An Android application is developed for security of exhibition rooms by using indoor positioning method. The system detects the artifact or exhibit that is being watched by a visitor. The visitor’s current location, movement status and watching status are detected.

FALL DETECTION BASED ON MOVEMENT AND SMART PHONE TECHNOLOGY: Life threatening injuries may occur when an elderly person falls down. The issue can be more serious if a timely medical assistance is not provided. There is a need for fall detection devices. A smart phone with Bluetooth communication and list of emergency contacts and a digital watch with fall detection is proposed in this article.

DEMENTIA PATIENT MOVEMENT DETECTION: Dementia is a serious disease suffered by millions of people. An Android application is developed to help people with Dementia (or any other memory disorders). In this system, when a person falls down, the accelerometer is used to detect the fall and the GPS of the smart phone is used to track the location of the patient.

MACHINE LEARNING APPROACH TO ANDROID MALWARE DETECTION: The latest trends in mobile platform developments has enabled in execution of complex software in different fields such as banking. There is also a rise in danger for malware that targets the mobile devices. In this article, a machine learning approach for detection of malware on Android devices is proposed.

DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF ANDROID APPLICATION BASED WIRELESS TOY CAR: An Android application controlled wireless toy car is designed in this project. The toy car is a microcontroller driven vehicle which also consists of motor driver to drive the motors, an LCD for display and a Bluetooth for communication with Android device. An Android application is developed to control the movements of the robot via Bluetooth.

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