Android Projects

BUS NOTIFICATION SYSTEM USING ANDROID: In this topic, a communication is set up between the bus and terminal. The information about bus, distance and timing can be displayed on the smartphone.

SMARTCARD BASED ANDROID APPLICATION FOR PUBLIC TRANSPORT TICKETING SYSTEM: Electronic smart card is an existing technology with many uses. It is harnessed into an Android application for easy ticketing of the public transportation system.

PORTABLE HEART RATE DETECTOR BASED ON ANDROID: It is a microcontroller based system with heart rate sensor. The sensor data is transmitted to an Android device that processes it for useful purposes.

CHATTING ROOM SYSTEM BASED ON ANDROID BLUETOOTH: An Android based chatting room system is developed in this project. The system uses the built-in Bluetooth protocol to establish a point-to-point or multi point communication. Both voice and text messages can be transmitted.

ANDROID VOICE RECOGNITION FOR SMART HOME APPLICATION: It is a microcontroller-based system which controls the home appliances by using voice commands. The system converts the received voice commands into text and thereafter performs the required operation like controlling the relays, etc.

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