Android Projects

ANDROID PHONE BASED HOME SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM: A robot is fitted with various sensors and is wirelessly controlled by an Android based smart phone app.

ANDROID BASED REMOTE MONITORING SYSTEM: Remote monitoring systems are very important in different environments. A system is proposed for remote monitoring using an Android application. A microcontroller shall be interfaced with different sensors like smoke detection, temperature, humidity, pressure and IR.

AUTOMATIC NUMBER PLATE RECOGNITION ON ANDROID PLATFORM: An Android phone platform based automatic number plate recognition system is proposed. A GUI for capturing the image by the built-in camera is designed. The captured image is processed to get the optical characters and compared in the vehicle database.


MOBILE SENSOR DATA COLLECTOR USING ANDROID SMARTPHONE: Today’s Android smartphones have a variety of sensors on board. In this topic, a system that employs a light weight sensor network which is available on the Android device is demonstrated. An Android application is developed which communicates with the on board sensors and collects a variety of data from them. The collected data is logged for analysis.

GREEN HOUSE AUTOMATION USING ZIGBEE AND ANDROID SMART PHONE: A low cost and high accuracy automated greenhouse monitoring system using ZigBee and Android technologies is proposed in this topic. It is an ARM based system which consists of a number of sensors like LDR, humidity, moisture, temperature and CO2 i.e. Carbon Dioxide. All this data is transmitted to a web server and an Android device. The commands from the Android are transmitted by ZigBee and the relays are activated by the microcontroller.

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