Android Projects

ANDROID APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT FOR ENVIRONMENT MONITORING: A microcontroller based system is developed for environmental monitoring using Android smartphone. The Android app. will interact with the microcontroller and also view and monitor the data. The microcontroller is integrated with temperature, humidity sensors and the data is transmitted to the Android device.

IRRIGATION CONTROL SYSTEM USING ANDROID: An Android based irrigation control system for efficient use of water and power is designed here. It uses a microcontroller to control the ON or OFF action of the motor. A moisture sensor is used and the data from this sensor is transmitted to an Android device. Using an Android application, the user can control the action of the motor.

DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF ENERGY MEASUREMENT SYSTEM BASED ON THE ANDROID PLATFORM: A microcontroller based system for energy measurement and monitoring is developed. An Android application is developed for the measurement of power and monitoring the energy consumption to send that information to an Android device. Energy is monitored by a microcontroller based system and the data is transmitted to Android. The consumer uses the Android application to view the data and control power usage accordingly.

DOOR-AUTOMATION SYSTEM USING ANDROID: This project gives a basic idea of how to implement and control home security for smart home systems. An Arduino based system is proposed here, that controls a lock installed to a door. An Android application is developed to interact with the Arduino board. It helps in the automation of door locks.

ARDUINO AND ANDROID POWERED OBJECT TRACKING ROBOT: In this project, a robot is designed which tracks moving objects. It is based on an Arduino board. An Android device is used to control the robot. Image processing techniques are proposed to be used in this topic.

SMARTPHONE BASED TRAFFIC INFORMATION SYSTEM: Traffic information system can be implemented using location-based services where the information is based on the location of the requesting device. In this topic, a smartphone based traffic information system is proposed, that outputs traffic related information based on the geographical location.

WIRELESS VIDEO TRANSMISSION ON ANDROID PLATFORM: An Android application is developed using which the video can be transmitted wirelessly. In its proposed implementation, user(s) may capture live video so that other users can view that video.

SMS USING SPEECH RECOGNITION: In this project, an Android application is proposed that converts user’s speech to text for sending SMS, along with the other supplementary controls.

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