Projects on Java

All the ideas mentioned below can be custom-developed using any or combination of Technologies as per your overall requirements & project feasibility.

  • Smart requirements gatherer and intelligent analyzer
  • Networked PC access, monitoring & controlling
  • Data transfer over LAN with download resumption
  • Simulation of business banking processes
  • Reconciling lost articles in a post office
  • Attendance automation with email notifications
  • Airlines reservation/management system
  • Hotel management/automation system
  • Software lab management/automation system
  • Library management/automation system
  • Data security and authentication using pen drive
  • Candidate assessment using technical/non-technical quizzes/tests
  • Dynamic text-search in custom files/folders
  • XML parser tool
  • Simulation of Apriori algorithm for data mining
  • Automated course/program training tool
  • Data security through obscurity using audio, video and image steganography
  • Code cloning detection tool
  • Music store management system
  • File splitting tool
  • Data or file compression/decompression (zipping/unzipping) utility
  • Computerization of admission-related activities in school/college
  • Electronic whiteboard/blackboard controlled online
  • Gesture & voice operated media player with codec conversions
  • Detection of data leakage in a network transmission
  • Bluetooth-based messenger/chatting tool
  • Document checker for plagiarism

Other Projects

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Genetic Algorithms

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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

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Advanced Java

Java EE

Implementation of different projects using Advanced Java platform along with more technologies

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