Projects on J2EE

All the ideas mentioned below can be custom-developed using any or combination of Technologies as per your overall requirements & project feasibility.

  • Web-based, online e-banking tool
  • Virtual cop or automation of processes involved in a police station
  • Human resources automation system with/without cloud
  • Manufacturing process automation tool
  • Dynamic website builder with customizable templates
  • Web-based online automation of business leads/enquiries using cloud
  • Online book management system
  • Web-based computerization of online auctioning processes
  • Automation of activities involved in courier management using cloud
  • Credit card fraud detection & prevention tool
  • Email filter application for spammy, phishy
  • Cloud-based career counselling application
  • Online college notice board application using cloud
  • College result management system using private cloud
  • Online keywords-clustering tool for marketing and search engine optimization
  • Web-based doctor appointment tool with alerts/notifications
  • Cloud-based student, teacher portal for attendance, notice, Q&A, assignments ..
  • Online assignment submission & result management system
  • Simulation of XML injection tool
  • Online automation of processes involved within a gymnasium
  • Image search engine based on RGB values
  • Web-based charity tool for NGO
  • Employee workforce management system powered using cloud
  • Web-based calorie intake advisor through iterative Q&A
  • Online bakery with on-demand preparation of cakes & pastries
  • Web-automation of processes involved in guest house management
  • Computerization of processes involved in a supermart using cloud
  • Web-based contact/feedback form for an institution/organization
  • Online housemaid, babysitter service delivery powered by cloud
  • Cloud-based automation of grocery, ration booking & home delivery
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