Projects on C++

All the ideas mentioned below can be custom-developed using any or combination of Technologies as per your overall requirements & project feasibility.

  • Tele-shopping
  • Simulation of ATM and banking processes
  • Compiler prototype with parsing and lexical analysis
  • Secure data transfer through digital signature & watermarking
  • Real-estate management/automation tool
  • Departmental store management system with billing, inventory-tracking
  • Sudoku solver program
  • Virtual private network (VPN) simulation tool
  • Audio/video editing tool
  • Detection of malformed/malicious data packets on a network
  • Simulation of SQL-injection
  • One-stop transport ticket booking system
  • Multi-player 2D/3D darts game
  • Linux based multiplayer car racing game
  • Real-time facial recognition with tagging
  • Simulation of on-board diagnostics in a vehicle
  • RFID-enabled data reader connected with web service
  • Intrusion detection system using Honeypot
  • Seating arrangement automation
  • Financial ledger management tool
  • Driving license management system
  • Computerized bus pass automation tool
  • Canteen management system
  • Candidate hiring/recruitment and selection automation based on evaluation
  • Computerized smart card automation tool
  • Hostel management system
  • RFID based library monitoring and management system
  • Visual cryptography involving biometrics for data security
  • Vehicle accessories management/automation tool

More Projects

Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning


Projects & ideas based on Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning with their application and linkage to other different domains

Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Ideas based on the implementation of software engineering algorithms in linkage with other technologies



List of Python based projects belonging to diverse areas and use-case scenario(s)

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