Projects using Android

All the ideas mentioned below can be custom-developed using any or combination of Technologies as per your overall requirements & project feasibility.

  • Multiplayer Tic-tac-toe game
  • Speech-to-text, Text-to-speech conversion
  • Image processing app. using cloud computing
  • Traffic detection with real-time notification alerts
  • Anti-virus and firewall Android app.
  • Song lyrics identification and captioning app.
  • Bluetooth-enabled secured data transfer using WLAN
  • Customizable m-commerce or mobile commerce
  • GPS tracker app.
  • Android based web browser
  • Simulated crawler and spider app. for a custom-made search engine
  • Attendance, examination and survey app. using cloud computing
  • Versatile 2D/3D screensaver and wallpapers transitioning
  • Android based seminar through video-conferencing or live webcast
  • Information security using cryptography and OTP authentication
  • Android based simulation of the banking management system
  • Quiz game or evaluation test based on Android
  • Live video streaming based on Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)
  • Health and fitness application with calorie chart
  • Android based app. for generating multiple alerts
  • Timetable/scheduler app. for school/college with alerts & notifications
  • Android-based app. security through smart auto-locking mechanism
  • Static navigation without GPS
  • Vehicle servicing automation using GPS & Cloud
  • Cloud-based media player
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) app. for travel agency
  • Organ donation app.
  • Travel & tourism Android app. using cloud
  • Intrusion detection over WiFi using Android
  • Scientific calculator
  • Directory listing app. using Android ... and more

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Data Warehousing

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