Projects on Data Warehousing

All the ideas mentioned below can be custom-developed using any or combination of Technologies as per your overall requirements & project feasibility.

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  • Implementing data pre-processing techniques to filter or refine mined raw data
  • Automated normalization of big data for storage into large data repositories
  • Implementing data backup through mirroring/cloning at different locations using algorithmic techniques
  • Creation of data restoration points for recovery and minimization of data loss
  • Applying techniques for data integrity and removal of duplicate data during warehousing
  • Shielding data warehouse from unauthorized access using multi-phased authentication
  • Applying simulated load-balancing in a large data warehouse for a failsafe data access
  • Using nested programming for efficient data storage and retrieval
  • Enabling one or multiple data warehousing processes using natural language processing
  • Analyzing warehoused data for generating reports and business intelligence

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