Projects on Genetic Algorithms

All the ideas mentioned below can be custom-developed using any or combination of Technologies as per your overall requirements & project feasibility.

  • Software requirements prioritization using genetic algorithm
  • Optimized path calculation using PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) technique
  • Analyzing best opinion in polling through evolutionary GA
  • Precedence of songs and movies within a collection based on iterative GA
  • Using interactive GA for analyzing top-selling items within a supermarket
  • Software test cases precedence through recursive-analysis of the test plan
  • Prioritizing configurations for data transfer or load-balancing using GA
  • Iteratively-prioritizing top-performing equity stocks through user's participation
  • Optimizing agricultural production with the help of interactive GA
  • Evaluating most favourable infrastructural route for connecting two cities/places
  • Scheduling of tasks with the help of iterative genetic algorithm
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