Projects on .NET

All the ideas mentioned below can be custom-developed using any or combination of Technologies as per your overall requirements & project feasibility.

  • Enterprise resource planner for real-time business processes within a trading organization
  • Social networking over Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Electronic content automation for entertainment media
  • Online human resource management system
  • Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) model for telecom organization
  • Electronic learning portal for an educational institution
  • Online examination system
  • Hospital management/automation system
  • Multilevel parking automation tool
  • Secure email system/tool
  • Web-based online school management/automation tool
  • Generic report organizer
  • Web based online e-commerce portal
  • Online payroll, leave and attendance automation tool
  • Sales management and forecasting tool with graphical charts
  • Enterprise resource planning tool for traders
  • Human voice-powered attendance automation system
  • Online chatting/messenger application
  • Implementation of Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) technique for finding optimal path
  • Virtual classroom
  • Web-based complaint logging, resolution and handling automation
  • Automatic test-case generator using testing plan
  • Simulation-based functioning of proxy server in a grid computing environment
  • Performance predictor for student with graphical representation
  • Change request management tool for software
  • Database intrusion detection system
  • Online invigilation system with student assessment
  • Screenshot or screen video making tool
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