Multilevel parking management or automation

Domain/Category: Java-based Projects | .NET-based Projects

Short Synopsis:

Multilevel Parking Systems are extremely useful for their optimal utilization of (land) spaces for vehicle-parking. Core challenges and problems often faced by the authorities managing such systems include:

i) Allocation of parking slots
ii) Amount collection.

These are two important factors or we can say processes that need to be handled efficiently & effectively in order to run the system accurately.

If we are unable to track the vehicle being parked or fail to calculate the correct parking charges to be collected or find difficulty in allocating spaces for the vehicle to park, the whole purpose of constructing a multilevel parking system shall go in vain. So, it is extremely necessary that if we have the required infrastructure, we must be able to use it effectively and manage the processes involved in it efficiently.

For this purpose, the idea is proposed that if a vehicle has to be parked, an automated system would intelligently allocate space to it through identification of empty spaces and selecting one on a particular floor. And if the vehicle exits from the parking lot, the system should automatically mark that space as empty in order to effectively allot it to the next vehicle with correct amount-calculation according to the number of hours for which the vehicle remained parked inside the parking-lot.

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