Android Projects

REMOTE CONTROLLED ROBOT USING ANDROID APPLICATION: The objective of this project is to implement a remote controlled robot using an Android application in which the control interface is provided by the Android app.

INDUCTION MOTOR SPEED CONTROL USING ANDROID APPLICATION: The aim of this project is to control an induction motor using an Android application. It is a microcontroller based system with which the Android application shall interact. This system may be used for remote or wireless operation of motors in conveyors, blowers or pumps.

PICK ‘n’ PLACE ROBOTIC ARM CONTROLLED BY WIRELESS ANDROID APPLICATION: Either automated or manually operated, the importance of pick-and-place robot or robotic arm in the industries is huge. An Android based wirelessly controlled robotic arm is developed. The commands for the movement of the arm can be given from the GUI based Android application.

REMOTE CONTROLLED HOME AUTOMATION USING ANDROID APPLICATION: An individual’s daily routine tasks can be automated with the help of home automation systems. An Android based home automation system is suggested here. Any smartphone with Android OS can be used to control different home appliances like fans, lights etc. The Android application communicates with a microcontroller which in turn controls the relays.

DESIGN OF CHATTING APPLICATION BASED ON ANDROID: Bluetooth based communication can be implemented with low cost and very less power consumption. Bluetooth is integrated in almost all mobile phones. A chatting application is designed based on the Android Bluetooth. It provides a two-way communication without need of any mobile network. An Android application will act as the GUI for sending and receiving the messages.

CONTROL OF DOMESTIC APPLIANCES USING ANDROID: A microcontroller based appliance control system using Android is designed here. A combination of the embedded system technology and Android is proposed in developing this project. The control unit consists of an Android based smart phone with corresponding application that has controlling functions for the appliances.

SMART TRAVEL GUIDE APPLICATION FOR ANDROID: The purpose of this project is to provide tourism-based information to the user conveniently.

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