Android Projects

ARM7 MICROCONTROLLER BASED ROBOT CONTROLLED BY AN ANDROID MOBILE UTILIZING BLUETOOTH: The aim of this project is to implement an automated vehicle control using Android application. The main controlling unit in the robot is an ARM based microcontroller which drives the motor. A GUI based control system is developed as an Android application. The commands are received from the Android application via Bluetooth protocol.

REAL TIME OPERATING SYSTEM (RTOS) BASED HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM USING ATMEGA AND ANDROID: Advancements in embedded systems allow in efficient implementation of home automation systems. In this project, an ATMega microcontroller based home automation system is developed using an RTOS. It is controlled by an Android application. The microcontroller is connected with relays to control different appliances, Bluetooth receiver to communicate with Android device and also a real time clock.

UBIQUITOUS SMART HOME SYSTEM USING ANDROID APPLICATION: An internet based smart home system is developed which can be controlled using an Android application. The application on the Android communicates with the web server. The use of PC can be avoided as a microcontroller based system can be sufficient for required actions. A microcontroller is integrated with light switches, power plugs and different sensors and can be controlled by the Android application.

AUTOMATED CAR PARKING SYSTEM COMMANDED BY ANDROID: Car parking is a tedious job in big commercial places. In this project, an automated car parking system which is assisted by Android application is developed. It uses an ATmega32 microcontroller as used as the main controlling unit along with a GSM module in the parking unit. In the car unit, a microcontroller is used with motors and sensors. An Android application is developed to communicate with the parking unit.

VOICE TO THE VOICELESS ON ANDROID PLATFORM: The aim of this project is to reduce the communication gap between the dumb/ deaf people and the world they want to communicate to. The system uses AVR microcontroller and Android platform to capture the sign language and convert it to voice. Flex sensors are used capture the signs and the microcontroller, after converting the analogue signals to digital signals, transmits the data to an Android device over Bluetooth. The application in the Android will convert the data in to voice.

GSM BASED AUTOMATED IRRIGATION CONTROL USING ANDROID: Efficient usage of water in irrigation along with timely watering of crops is an important task. In this project, a GSM based automated irrigation control system is developed here. A microcontroller is interfaced with moisture and temperature sensors and also with relays to control the motor. An Android application is used to command the microcontroller over GSM technology.

ANDROID MOBILE PHONE CONTROLLED BLUETOOTH ROBOT USING ARM7 MICROCONTROLLER: The aim of this project is to implement an Android phone controlled robot over Bluetooth communication. The robot is designed using an ARM based microcontroller and is integrated with Bluetooth receiver, decoder and a motor driver. An Android application is used to send different movement commands using the phones built in Bluetooth.

ANDROID APPLICATION FOR GPS ENABLED EMERGENCY TRACKING: An AVR microcontroller based GPS enabled emergency tracking system along with the related Android application is developed in this project. The system is designed as a tracking device for emergency situations. The microcontroller is integrated with an LCD and a GSM module and also an actuating station. The data is transmitted to the Android mobile via GSM.

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