Android Projects

AUTOMATED CAR PARKING SYSTEM USING ANDROID: In this project, an automated car parking system which is assisted by Android application is developed. It uses a microcontroller as the main controlling unit along with a GSM module in the parking unit. In the car unit, a microcontroller is used with motors and sensors. An Android application is developed to communicate with the parking unit.

VOICE TO THE VOICELESS ON ANDROID PLATFORM: The aim of this project is to reduce the communication gap between the dumb/ deaf people and the world they want to communicate to. The system uses AVR microcontroller and Android platform to capture the sign language and convert it to voice. Flex sensors are used to capture the signs and the microcontroller, after converting the analog signals to digital signals, transmits the data to an Android device over Bluetooth. The application in Android will convert the data into voice.

GSM BASED AUTOMATED IRRIGATION CONTROL USING ANDROID: Efficient usage of water in irrigation along with timely watering of crops is an important task. In this project, a GSM based automated irrigation control system is developed here. A microcontroller is interfaced with moisture and temperature sensors and also with relays to control the motor. An Android application is used to command the microcontroller using GSM technology.

Android application for GPS enabled tracking

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