Android Projects

ANDROID-BASED MOBILE FRAMEWORK FOR NAVIGATING ULTRASOUND AND VISION GUIDED AUTONOMOUS ROBOT: An autonomous robot is a vehicle capable of steering a predefined destination. It should be capable of making decisions in case of any obstacles. In this project, an autonomous robotic vehicle is designed which runs on Android platform. The microcontroller based robot uses ultrasonic sensors and computer vision to avoid obstacles. Some of the components used are GPS, different sensors, Bluetooth, motors and Android application.

24 HOURS GPS TRACKING IN ANDROID OPERATING SYSTEM: GPS technology has emerged as a major navigation system. Every smart phone has an integrated GPS module. In this article, an autonomous management of location by 24 hour GPS tracking in Android based smart phone is proposed. Such applications are very useful in military purposes where an unauthorized device can’t enter or leave a restricted area without notifying the server.

BLUETOOTH ENABLED ANDROID APPLICATION FOR A MICROCONTROLLER DRIVEN ROBOT: The aim of this project is to develop a Bluetooth enabled Android application for a microcontroller based robot. With the help of this project, multiple devices can be controlled even if the device’s developer has no knowledge about Android application development.

SURVEILLANCE ROBOT USING ARDUINO MICROCONTROLLER AND ANDROID: Surveillance is a basic method for preventing any wrongdoing. In this project, an Arduino based surveillance robot is designed which can be controlled by an Android application. The robot consists of camera for video capture, GPS for location and GSM module for communication. The commands for movement of the robot are given through the Android application.

SMART HOME USING ANDROID APPLICATION: Home automation is an in demand area of consumer application and with developments in embedded systems, it is even simpler to implement. An Android application based smart home is designed in this project. It consists of AVR microcontroller embedded with WiFi module and a device driver circuit. An Android application is designed to communicate with the microcontroller over WiFi network.

PLC BASED SYSTEM USING MICROCONTROLLER FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION BASED ON ANDROID TECHNOLOGY: Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) is often used in industrial control and automation applications. It consists of a processor, sensors and actuators. In this project, 89S52 microcontroller is used as a small PLC which is interfaced with an Android application so that it can be used to wirelessly control industrial appliances using Bluetooth technology.

ANDROID BASED ELECTRONIC FARE METER SYSTEM: Taxis are one of the common modes of transport in cities. Meter tampering is a frequent problem that is faced by the customer and often has to pay more. So, an Android based electronic fare meter system is proposed here. It is a microcontroller based system which counts the rotation of the wheel and sends the information to an Android device over Bluetooth. The application in the mobile will calculate the fare.

SMART PHONE CONTROLLED ROBOT USING ATMEGA328 MICROCONTROLLER: An ATmega328 microcontroller based robot is designed which is controlled by a smart phone. The robot also consists of Bluetooth module, ultrasonic sensor and motor driver. An Android application is created and installed on a mobile. The GUI based application can be used to control the robot wirelessly over Bluetooth communication.

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