Candidate evaluation and recruitment based on technical/non-technical assessment

Domain/Category: Java Projects


The recruitment process of candidate(s) for any job or assignment is important to an organization. Therefore, it is necessary that the process must be automated and without errors. This project idea is based on the assumption that the (imaginary) company which needs to recruit candidates is handling all its processes manually due to which it is facing problems/challenges such as:

1) Wrong candidates getting selected
2) Unclear, Incorrect & Incomplete information being imparted about company's operations
3) Inefficient candidate registration
4) Improper, Inefficient & time-consuming test evaluation
5) Difficult data storage, maintenance & scrutiny

Due to the above challenges & many other problems, the company has decided to automate its business processes in order to ease-up & bring efficiency in carrying out their daily operations. The proposed (computerized) tool is expected to satisfactorily resolve all the above listed problems/issues.

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