Estimation of essential software metrics for project analysis, management and planning

Domain/Category: Software Engineering

Brief Synopsis:

In software engineering, measurement provides benefits at the strategic, program, and technical levels. A good measurement program is an investment in success by facilitating early detection of problems, and by providing quantitative clarification of critical development issues. Metrics give us the ability to identify, resolve, and/or curtail risk issues before they surface. Measurement must not be a goal in itself. It must be integrated into the total software life cycle — not independent of it.

Estimation tools are fundamental to any IT organization as they play an important role in the software development life cycle. Assessment of the core metrics such as, Effort, Time & People is necessary for any project, in order to minimize the reasons of its failure.

Our purpose behind proposing this idea is to understand the process involved in the estimation & usage of software metrics. Through the implementation of this concept, we intend to learn how the requirement specifications of any software tool/product are used in the estimation of its metrics for planning and management.

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