Electrical Energy (EEE)

Projects based on the utilization of Electrical Energy in combination with other technologies and protocols

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  • PWM based DC motor drive
  • Speed control of induction motor using Thyristor
  • Automatic hand dryer
  • Automatic suction tank motor controller
  • Solar sun tracker/seeker
  • Power line-device controller
  • Power line–electric meter reader/counter
  • Time operated automatic sequential power load ON
  • Remote controlled stepper motor
  • Computerized time-scheduled load shedding system – (Wired/Wireless);
  • Servo motor controller cum driver 
  • Speed control of DC motor 
  • Sound controlled motor direction controller 
  • Digitally adjustable timer 
  • Under/Over voltage controller circuit 
  • Wireless RF time operated electrical device 
  • Wireless RF remote switch board 
  • Wireless RF AC/DC motor speed control 
  • Wireless RF radio controlled switch 
  • Wireless RF industrial fault monitoring device 
  • Wireless RF based motor speed control 
  • IR remote control switch

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