Raspberry Pi

Programming open-source Raspberry Pi hardware chipset for developing projects that work in combination with other technologies, sensors, actuators and more. This module could be used for actuating advanced projects in the IoT (Internet of Things) domain.

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  • Raspberry Pi based automatic reader for the blind
  • Raspberry Pi Wheelchair with safety system 
  • Speaking bus stop reminder using Raspberry Pi  
  • IoT based ICU (Intensive Care Unit) patient monitoring system 
  • Drink 'n' Drive detection with ignition lock implementation 
  • IoT powered theft detection using Raspberry Pi 
  • Raspberry Pi based automatic selfie booth 
  • Night vision security patrolling robot with sound sensing 
  • Raspberry Pi operated vehicle number plate recognition 
  • Voice controlled home automation using Raspberry Pi 
  • Facial recognition based home or database security system 
  • Motion based time-lapse camera with optimized storage 
  • Motion sensing wildlife recording camera using Raspberry Pi 
  • IoT (Internet of Things) - Home automation based on Raspberry Pi 
  • Camera based surveillance system using Raspberry Pi 
  • Automatic door opener with light control using Raspberry Pi 
  • Virtual piano using Raspberry Pi 
  • Ultrasonic music beats player using Raspberry Pi 
  • IoT - Gas pipe leakage detection inspecting robot 
  • IoT - Industrial automation using Raspberry Pi 
  • Fire detection enabled by smart image processing powered using Raspberry Pi