Raspberry Pi

Programming the open source Raspberry Pi hardware for implementing projects that work in combination with other technologies, sensors, actuators and more.

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  • Raspberry Pi based automatic reader for the blind
  • Raspberry Pi wheelchair with safety system 
  • Speaking bus stop reminder using Raspberry Pi  
  • IoT based ICU (Intensive Care Unit) patient monitoring system 
  • Drink 'n' Drive detection with ignition lock implementation 
  • IoT powered theft detection using Raspberry Pi 
  • Raspberry Pi based automatic selfie booth 
  • Night vision security patrolling robot with sound sensing 
  • Raspberry Pi operated vehicle number plate recognition 
  • Voice controlled home automation using Raspberry Pi 
  • Facial recognition based home or database security system 
  • Motion based time-lapse camera with optimized storage 
  • Motion sensing wildlife recording camera using Raspberry Pi 
  • IoT (Internet of Things) - Home automation based on Raspberry Pi 
  • Camera based surveillance system using Raspberry Pi 
  • Automatic door opener with light control using Raspberry Pi 
  • Virtual piano using Raspberry Pi 
  • Ultrasonic music beats player using Raspberry Pi 
  • IoT - Gas pipe leakage detection inspecting robot 
  • IoT - Industrial automation using Raspberry Pi 
  • Fire detection enabled by smart image processing powered using Raspberry Pi