Implementation of the wired/wireless projects powered using different types of microcontrollers in amalgamation with other technologies, platforms, hardware and protocols

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  • A microcontroller sensor-less speed control of DC Motor
  • Microcontroller based gas leakage detection and auto dialing of emergency numbers 
  • An application of detection function for eye blinking 
  • Prepaid card for bus fare system 
  • GPS based bus or train collision avoidance system 
  • Microcontroller based automatic electronic bus fare system 
  • Microcontroller based mini computer dictionary 
  • Microcontroller based talking keypad for blind people 
  • Microcontroller based automatic temperature controller with cooling system  
  • Mobile phone tracking system by using GPS and GSM 
  • Microcontroller based wireless energy transmitter with power cut-off system 
  • Automated vehicles for physically and visually challenged 
  • GSM based industrial temperature monitoring and controlling system 
  • Microcontroller based automatic wall painting robot using sensors 
  • RFID based animal tracking system using microcontroller 
  • Fingerprint based door open/close system