Electrical Energy (EEE)

Projects based on the utilization of Electrical Energy in combination with other technologies and protocols

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  • IR remote control switch board 
  • Optical fiber/laser based appliance switching system 
  • Optical fiber/laser based AC/DC motor speed control 
  • Smart room power-saver 
  • Thermo-EMF refrigerator 
  • Electical control circuit for musical lights 
  • Automatic voltage stabilizer 
  • Contact less- wireless electricity for electrical energy transmission 
  • 3-phase appliance protector 
  • Bluetooth operated device controller 
  • 3-phase induction motor starter with programmable timer 
  • Wind mill 
  • Solar sun seeker 
  • Thermal power plant using steam 
  • Hydro power dam 
  • Electrical energy from speed breaker 
  • Paddle controlled mobile charger cum emergency light 
  • Hybrid chimney 
  • Solar powered refrigerator 
  • Electrical energy from compressed air 
  • Piezoelectric generator 
  • Buck boost converter 
  • Infrared (IR) step based fan speed controller 
  • Auto control for generator 
  • Solid state relay 
  • Automatic star to delta converter 
  • Sound energy to electrical energy

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