Projects, ideas using Android technology in a multi-layered interfacing with other platforms such as Robotics, GSM, 3G/4G, Microcontrollers, Networking ...

  • Remote Controlled Robot Using Android Application
  • Induction Motor Speed Control using Android Application
  • War Field Spying Robot with Night Vision Wireless Camera By Android Application
  • Pick 'n' Place Robotic Arm Controlled by Wireless Android Application
  • Remote Controlled Home Automation using Android Application
  • Design of Chatting Application Based on Android Bluetooth
  • Smart Travel Guide Application for Android Mobile
  • Android Phone Based Home Surveillance System
  • Android Based Remote Monitoring System
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition on Android Platform
  • Implementation of Cuff less Continuous Blood Pressure Measurement based on Android
  • Indoor Wi-Fi Positioning System For Android Smartphone
  • Mobile Sensor Data Collector using Android Smartphone
  • Personal Monitoring of Blood Pressure Using Android Smart Phones ..... and more