Applying robotics through "mechatronically" operating & controlling systems for a desired purpose

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ROBOTIC CAR WITH SENSORS: This is a simple geared, motorized vehicle with free wheel at front will always take right turn when the Infrared sensors sense any obstacle in front. An emergency brake can be applied, if required.

JOYSTICK CONTROLLED ROBOTIC CRANE WITH UP/DOWN PULLEY ARRANGEMENT AND CIRCULAR MOTION: This is an interesting project in the field of material handling. A moving trolley carries a circular disc type-rotating platform with crane arm. It moves in 360 degrees.

LINE TRACER INDUSTRIAL VEHICLE: A material handling vehicle to carry goods in industry and that follow black line to follow. Any obstacle in front will stop the vehicle to avoid any accident by using IR or ultrasonic sensors.

ROBOTIC RADAR SYSTEM: This robotic radar moves 180 degrees, carries an IR or light sensor fires with an electromechanical gun if finds some object.

ROBOTIC FIRE BRIGADE TROLLEY: This robotic, motorized trolley carries a water tank with it and works automatically i.e. sprinkles water if it finds fire in its route.

ROBOTIC LIFT/ESCALATOR: This electromechanical system controls the model with key operations for its clockwise and anti-clockwise movements. It may also be controlled automatically with human sensor to save energy.