Applying robotics for operating & controlling systems for a desired purpose

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ROBOTIC CAR WITH SENSORS: This is a simple motorized vehicle with a free wheel at front that will always take a right turn when the Infrared sensors sense any obstacle in front. An emergency brake can be applied, if required.

JOYSTICK CONTROLLED ROBOTIC CRANE: This is an interesting project in the field of material handling. A moving trolley carries a circular disc type-rotating platform with crane arm. It moves in 360 degrees.

LINE TRACER INDUSTRIAL VEHICLE: A material handling vehicle that carries goods and follows black line; An obstacle in the front will stop the vehicle to avoid any accident by using IR or ultrasonic sensors.

ROBOTIC FIRE BRIGADE TROLLEY: This robotic, motorized trolley carries a water tank with it and works automatically i.e. sprinkles water if it finds fire in its route.

ROBOTIC LIFT/ESCALATOR: This electromechanical system controls the model with key operations for its clockwise and anti-clockwise movements. It may also be controlled automatically with a human sensor to save energy.