Concept-demonstration of the ideas interfaced, operated and controlled using a PC/Laptop

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PC BASED SEWER LINE CLEANING ROBOT: It is a 3D moving circular cleaner that rotates and cleans the inner surfaces of sewer pipes and communicates with the PC of its presence, etc.

PC BASED ROBOTIC TROLLEY: A single/double stepper motor based trolley with an additional motor will run in straight direction to load/unload the material handling. One can select the stoppage as per requirement and it automatically returns back if any obstruction comes in its path.

PC BASED INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE: An animated software project shows the working of a combustion engine and the hardware connected will actually show the RPM (Rotations-per-minute) of engine.

PC BASED LIFT/ELEVATOR CONTROL: A useful project for all multistory buildings to monitor lift operation and control same from lift switches as well as computer keyboard (both). The PC screen will show the graphical representation of the lift up/down movement. Operates with single stepper or geared motor control.

PC BASED DISTANCE MEASUREMENT ROBOT: The IR based robotic trolley with to and fro movement can travel in a straight pipe to measure the distance travelled till the obstruction comes.

PC BASED LATHE MACHINE CONTROL: A CNC machine control system to operate two stepper motors in a desired mode to cut a work piece in specific shape and size.

PC BASED AUTO BRAKING SYSTEM: A unique project for automobiles/vehicles that senses the RPM of the engine and automatically applies the brakes if vehicle-speed exceeds a defined limit.

PC BASED FORKLIFT: This forklift lifts the floor items and places them at the required space as instructed by the computer using stepper motor.

PC BASED EARTHQUAKE PROOF BUILDING: The center of gravity of a building can be controlled (through motors) by a moving weights placed on the rooftop. The PC will sense the earthquake and the weight will move accordingly.

PC BASED STICKER/PAPER CUTTING MACHINE: This PC based parallel-port-interfaced cutter and motor control circuit will cut the paper or sticker according to one’s requirement.

PC BASED THREAD/COIL WINDING MACHINE: This PC based automatic thread winding machine needs the no. of turns required as input. The cutters will automatically cut as the desired output.

PC BASED CONTINUOUS WELDING VEHICLE: AGV controlled with computer will follow the routes specified once using keyboard and further it will follow the same to work as continuous welding vehicle or Fire brigade vehicle or material handling vehicle to drop things.

PC BASED DYE CUTTING: A CNC based automatic system controlled with digital circuit or PC controlled that operates two motors to do the job for up/down of the tool and movement of the base sheet to cut.

PC BASED HELICOPTER CONTROL: This PC based system controls the top fan and tail fan with balance movement when you would like to fly.

PC BASED JOINT ASSEMBLY PROJECT: A mechanical graphic project to plot two types of joints i.e. cotter & knuckle. The hardware assembly can be connected as per the requirement.

PC BASED AUTO PACKET VENDING MACHINE: The packets/juice cans or any other items can be vended by putting password in the computer.

PC BASED ROBOTIC SWEEPER: The PC controlled sweeper will perform the job as per schedule and the area/route defined.

PC BASED PROGRAMMABLE PAINT MACHINE: A PC based programmable paint machine is a CNC type system that completes its work as per schedule or task given.

PC BASED CAR PARKING MONITOR: A 20-car parking monitor cum control system that checks and enters the time and registration no. of each car during the Entry and Exit with IR/LASER sensors at the gate. "Parking-Full" indication is also provisioned.

PC/MECHANICAL BASED TIME OPERATED FOIL BENDING/"DONA" MAKING MACHINE: The stepper-motor based system that manufactures/processes time-operated system like bending machine.

PC BASED 3D XYZ AXIS MOTOR (MATRIX) CONTROL: Two stepper motors can be controlled jointly with the single command operation to operate two (X,Y) axis motions to form a matrix at PC screen and a geared motor can be manually operated to lift or release the material picked by hook or electromagnet.

PC BASED SCREW/DRILL SYSTEM: This 2-stepper-motor-controlled system either uses to screw or drill up to desired depth at a specific space.

PC BASED HEIGHT MEASUREMENT TOOL: A rotating disk operated with a stepper motor stops at every 180 degrees and measures the height of the object.