Application of substitutive means of energy sources such as Thermal, Hydro, Wind, Solar

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WIND MILL: The actual wind mill model that produces electrical energy from wind and charges the battery to run an inverter directly.

SOLAR SUN SEEKER: It actually tracks the sun as per its position and moves or adjusts the solar cell/water heating plates accordingly so as to get the maximum power from sunlight.

THERMAL POWER PLANT USING STEAM: Steam energy is alternatively used to generate electrical energy. A traditional arrangement commonly used by any thermal plant but still very useful to display as teaching aid.

HYDRO-POWER DAM: A device setup that generates electrical energy from the flowing water. The model comprises a pump, water reservoir and an alternator to generate electrical energy.

ELECTRICAL ENERGY FROM AMUSEMENT PARK RIDES (SEE-SAW, SWING, SLIDE, ROLLER): The different amusement rides can be designed to generate electrical energy in real-time while people or children are using the rides in the park.

ELECTRICAL ENERGY FROM SPEED BREAKER: This can be designed to generate electrical energy when the vehicles cross the speed-breaker that is in turn connected with an alternator.

PADDLE CONTROLLED MOBILE CHARGER CUM EMERGENCY LIGHT: It works as we do cycling for exercise. Besides charging a mobile battery, it burns extra calories too. Further it can be modified to churn anything.

HYBRID CHIMNEY: The dual natural energy sources such as, Wind and Sun energy are used to generate electrical energy using this concept. A good alternate source of energy for areas like deserts or barren land, where sunlight is available but mild wind flow is also there.

SOLAR POWERED REFRIGERATOR: Compressor-less refrigerator to provide 12-15 degrees temperature while cooling and also used to heat, if required.

ELECTRICAL ENERGY FROM COMPRESSED AIR:This ‘AIR GENERATOR’ generates electrical energy from the air stored in a storage chamber using suitable air compressor.

ELECTRICITY FROM D.J. DANCE FLOOR: An alternate source of energy that can be generated using modified dance floor through pressure-sensor-based electricity generators.

WIND BELT: Another alternate energy generation to charge battery by low power wind, say simple fan, etc. A moving belt vibrates when wind comes from any side. The magnets on both ends make the generation of electrical energy possible.