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LOCOMOTIVE COACH CLEANER: This concept shows how the locomotives can be washed from both sides using brush arrangement with motors.

GAS BURNER TYPE WATER HEATER: The modified arrangement to heat water with burner and gas cylinder.

COMPRESSOR LESS THERMO-EMF REFRIGERATOR: The custom-made box is being modified as simple compressor less refrigerator to provide 12 to 15 degrees temperature while cooling and is also used to heat (if required) with the same Thermo-EMF peltier junction based system.

DEEP FREEZER USING COMPRESSOR: A simple compressor based foodstuff storage system with the top opening glass lid. The project shows the use of a compressor in practical shape with voltmeter, ampere meter at display.

COOLING TOWER: The multi-layer cooling tower will cool the liquid or water with the help of a water pump.

COMPRESSOR BASED SPRAY GUN: The mini electric compressor is used to spray the water colours.

PAPER SHREDDING MACHINE: The project will cut the papers in small pieces to make the use for packing etc.

SUN BLIND CONTROL: It controls movement of the sun shade as per sunlight falling on the window.

HEAT EXCHANGING PIPES: The smart cooling system to cool the heat affected area required continuous cooling as on CPU of systems or machines that radiates heat.

ANALYSIS OF RECTANGULAR/TRIANGULAR FINS IN HEAT EXCHANGE MECHANISM: An arrangement that will help to study the heat exchange efficiency using different types of fins in a rectangular heat pipe.

MOTORIZED ELECTRIC AIR COMPRESSOR: The motorized arrangement with air pump to store air to be required later.

ENGINE BASED AIR COMPRESSOR: A 12000 RPM 2.5 CC or 3.2 CC diesel engine working on the mixed blend of Kerosene, Ether Solvent and Castor Oil with manual start will create sufficient air pressure to show the working.

360 DEGREE MOTION AIR FLOW COOLER WITH DUAL SIDE AIR FLOW: A smart cooler with moving blower that circulates the air in all 360 degree of motion all around.

DOOR OPENER: Automatic gate/door opener that senses the human presence and opens the door with mechanical, motorized arrangement.

MOVING BRIDGE: The geared motor arrangement to lift the bridge on river in case of free movement of ships/boats.

CURTAIN MOVER: A mechanical arrangement with optional battery operated automatic remote controlled curtain movers. Useful for stage shows, etc.

TOFFEE/PACKET VENDING MACHINE: An automatic coin vending machine that gives you a packet (say Matchbox) or Toffee when you insert a 1  rupee coin in it. This is a timer based motorized, mechanical arrangement.

SOLENOID BASED HAMMER: A electro-mechanical arrangement with IR sensor in front to drill any hard surface area using solenoid coil arrangement.

TORQUE TESTING DEVICE: The device comprises a moving wheel with motor and an arrangement to check the torque of that motor to carry the weight, etc.

LIQUID DISPENSER MACHINE (WITH AIR CONTROL SYSTEM): The timer operated arrangement can be used to dispense liquid from the source to fill any liquid say milk/juice/petrol etc. This can be displayed using conveyor belt system to make the model more presentable.

AIR COMPRESSED SPRAY GUN (WITH ELECTRIC AIR PUMP): The air pump controlled spray gun for minor paint jobs normally required at automobile workshops or by artists.

SOLENOID BASED DRILLING/PUNCHING MACHINE WITH AUTOMATIC TIMER BASED IR SENSOR: A good project/concept for automation in mechanical using a drilling or punching system that operates automatically when object or work piece is placed under it.

SUN TRACKING WATER HEATER WITH MECHANICAL PROCESS: A unique system that uses water itself to get maximum energy to heat water from sun energy. The concept is to tap sun energy by means of sun tracking system. Also known as "Solar Oven".

DRINKING WATER FROM OCEAN WATER: An arrangement to convert sea water into drinkable water with high speed evaporation, cooling and condensation process.

TEST-TUBE VIBRATING MACHINE WITH DUAL CONTROL: The arrangement allows the bottles placed in a chamber to rotate with different angle and at different speed to mix the setup.

AUTOMATIC VENTILATOR FOR WINDOWS PANELS: The mechanical arrangement opens the ventilators automatically when it senses more heat or humidity in a closed area.

LATHE MACHINE CONTROLLER: A digital arrangement to move two motors automatically to complete a process job with a specified speed and time frame.

AC COIL CLEANING SYSTEM: Project will ease the process of cleaning for coils or similar system normally used in AC plants or even wire mesh in chimneys.

MAGNETIC LEVITATION PLATFORM: A permanent magnet parallel rails pulls up the small
platform upward and a electromagnetic system pushes the same from one end to other. Same rail and platform system with a DC motor propeller system to run the car.

MOVING ESCALATORS: The moving arrangement of stairs to move persons from one floor to another by using IR sensor to detect human presence to save energy.

AUTOMATIC MOPPING MACHINE: The sensor based mopping machine will change the path automatically and runs in a room to clean the floor area.

AUTOMATIC MILLING MACHINE: The three/two axis motor control system to run automatically with a digital circuit.

PCB FABRICATION: Every electronic workbench needs a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) to be fabricated to make any electronic circuit.

UNMANNED RAILWAY CROSSING: Crossing barrier gates will automatically close down mechanically when it senses the coming train and opens it after the train crosses the barrier gate at unmanned crossing area to prevent accident.