Projects on Data Mining

All the ideas mentioned below can be custom-developed using any or combination of Technologies as per your overall requirements & project feasibility.

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  • Smart online URL extraction for web page ranking simulation
  • Programmatic extraction of email addresses for simulation purpose
  • Data mining for analysis of sales and consumer’s purchasing preferences in a supermarket
  • Computerized mining of user opinions for analyzing a product's popularity
  • Predictive analysis of equity stocks using algorithmic data mining techniques
  • Assessment of a movie's success or failure through reviews-mining
  • Extraction of software-estimation data for modelling & correct assessment of software metrics
  • Mining of patients' CT-scan data for analysis and prediction of human disease
  • Mining data for the prediction of natural calamity
  • Recommendation of popular genre-specific books based on user-preference-mining
  • Pattern-matching for simulated extraction of data from the internet
  • Performing intelligent spell-check and automated corrections on raw mined data

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