Automation of processes involved in an educational institution powered using Cloud

Domain/Category: Android | Cloud Computing


Today, smartphone applications are used for significant objectives. The fact that mobile devices are used by almost everyone makes them all the more useful with significant capabilities. Mobile applications have helped users to perform their tasks anytime, anywhere with convenience.

The proposed environment that we assume while developing the Android application is of an academic institution i.e. an institute, school, college or university. Before proposing this idea, we thought about all the manual tasks being performed and the users who perform them. Though there were several operations we could think of, significant ones included tasks like Attendance and Examination and the users who perform these tasks are the faculties.

Everyone uses mobile phones or as a matter of fact, smart phones these days which means everyone is aware about its fundamental usage which makes our concept all the more powerful in terms of its ease of use. In order to solve issues related with security and integrity of the confidential data, we propose to mobile – automate them by storing data securely in the cloud.

This data will be recorded by the faculties through the smart devices and with the help of internet it will immediately reach the secure cloud servers where the access shall be restricted to authorized personnel only.

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