Projects on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

All the ideas mentioned below can be custom-developed using any or combination of Technologies as per your overall requirements & project feasibility.

  • Human voice-powered staircase climbing robot using Google Cloud
  • Application of GCP for live patient monitoring system
  • Online cab booking and tracking using GPS
  • Online book/movie/product recommendation through AI using GCP
  • Product advertisement using image recognition through Vision API
  • Generating context or event-based notifications/alerts in real-time using cloud-enabled messaging
  • Natural language translation in AR through GCP
  • Accessibility navigation for the blind through Google Cloud API
  • Android based web URL trigger on image comparison
  • Voice based web browsing/search using Google Cloud
  • Asset management tool using barcode scanning and Google Cloud
  • GPS based car pooling application
  • Locating surrounding places (ATM, Schools, Restaurants, Hospitals, Police Station, Petrol/Gas)
  • Field or farm irrigation system using WSN & GCP
  • Liquid-level monitoring in a container using sensors & cloud-based services
  • Apartment security system using camera, sensors, Android & GCP
  • Versatile vehicle route planner and driver using GPS
  • Card reader with details storage and cloud connectivity
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